Marketing Agencies are the next formal step from solo marketer. Agencies bridge the gap between you and your clients, which in tern allow you to command justified higher prices while presenting formal business etiquette. Building your Marketing Agency Brand will set you in line with larger brands.

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] comes in many forms. Knowing those forms, and more importantly, the Strategy behind them gives you context and depth on what form to use, how, why and when. These methods are proven time and time again not only with Kris’s many brands, but with clients Kris consults over many industries.

Content Marketing is one of the most important parts of marketing there is. Whether plain text, images, audio, or video, these all fall under “content”. The more of it you publish, the more your business and brand will be idolized. This must be done strategically and methodically, and here Kris shows you exactly whats required.

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